The Day When Everything ALMOST Came Up Roses

A Tony Award-winning composer met with a few Broadway producers to have a late lunch at Booth Seventy-three. Coinciding with the opening of a new show of his called “Bounce”- directed by another veteran of the Great White Way, Harold Prince, and starring the vivacious and uber-gracious actress, Jane Powell- the quartet were met to review needed changes to the script.

Now, I have mentioned knowing people by what they ordered in an earlier publication. But there was nothing noteworthy about this experience. There weren’t alterations made to a chopped salad to render it unrecognizable, nor was a single sliver of ham taken out of a turkey club. I cannot even remember the food order, since the experience was so brief and without incident. It is what happened afterward that makes it worthy of mention.

The processed check was returned to the table. It remained in place until it was picked up by the author-musician, who signed it before concluding the afternoon business. Next, hands were shaken, the businessmen slid out from their respective sides, and all disappeared like the Witch in another of the artist’s creations.

Only quarter-full water glasses remained on the table, and the signed check, which I retrieved. Folding it open to get the endorsed credit card slip inside, my jaw dropped, and a strangely titillating, even flattered, feeling grew like a rose in my heart. Immediately, I walked to the front of the restaurant where my flaxen-haired manager perused the evening’s reservations.

Standing in front of her, I cleared my throat.

“Um, could you do a favor for me?” I stammered, wiping the middle finger of my right hand across my brow. “Stephen Sondheim just left his credit card for me. Could you get that back to him?”


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