Six Degrees of Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson is stalking me. Seriously.

We first met in the ‘80’s, when her brand of Bubble-Gum pop climbed to the Top-Five of the music charts. Three of the then-teenage chanteuse’s songs- “Out of the Blue”, “Foolish Heart”, and “Only in My Dreams”- blared regularly from the tinny speakers of the secondhand ghetto-blaster that lie to the left of my bedroom door. Next, we saw each other in the ‘90’s, albeit briefly. We were playing in the same theater venue in Florida, when she and a gaggle of children from her production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat peeked in on our interpretation of House on Pooh Corner in time to see me come bounding onstage as “Tigger”. Finally, we re-met in 2009, when not even the black tuxedo I wore could fend off the Broadway singer’s flirtations. She caught my gaze while I headed down a narrow walkway lined with red booths, carrying a brown service tray topped with two Diet Cokes, a Sprite, and a glass of Prosecco. She practically willed me to stop, as she seductively pressed her core against a narrow strip of wall next to the coat room.

“Hi,” I stammered uncomfortably, surprised to see her ten years later.

“Hi, “she gasped.

I walked away, deciding to focus on my work. After all, I had met another, more modern pop singer over the past decade who taught me more than Deborah could (Thanks, Gwen).

Still, I found myself near Deborah later during her lunch, when, oops!, an accident occurred. The singer dropped her white-framed sunglasses to the tile in front of Booth 21. The classic “Victorian Hankie Drop”! Being a gentleman, I stopped, leaned over, grasped them at the eye joint, and handed them back.

“Here,” I said,” I think these are yours.”

“Thank you. That wasn’t necessary,” she smiled, her lips starting to pout.


This is the last time I saw Deborah. I am sure she has performed in a few Broadway shows since and has even recorded a new CD. But, still, I cannot help but look forward to the one day this decade when our paths cross again, reviving the beat of my Foolish Heart.





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  1. Filled with such humor…makes me smile!


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